Tennis360 Hub FAQ

Tennis360 mission to “find tennis partners and courts”, “play matches” and “gain insights about your game” has taken a big step. With the Tennis360 Hub App, you can now achieve all of this at your fingertips, with just a few clicks!!

Read on for frequently asked questions.

General Information
Using the App

General Information

Who is the Tennis360 Hub mobile app for?

The app is for all tennis players age 13 and above, coaches and parents. Here are some common situations to use the app, but this is not an exhaustive list by any means.

  • You are a parent of a junior looking for a tennis partner.
  • You are a league team captain trying to arrange practice matches for your players.
  • You are a high performance coach wanting your juniors to play more practice matches.
  • You are a returning high school/college/pro player looking to find partners at your skill level.
  • You are a USTA league player, or a recreational player looking for partners in your area.
  • You are an owner/manager/coach looking to increase your court utilization.
  • You want to improve your game, and want to get feedback from your opponent or crowd watching you play.
What platforms and OS versions can I use the Tennis360 Hub mobile app on?

The mobile app is available on iPhone4, 5 and 6. It works on iOS6/7/8. We are working on a release for Android (4+) and will inform you as soon as it is available.

What can I do with the Tennis360 Hub mobile app?

You can do all of the following:-

Find Partners By
  • Skill Level (UTR, NTRP, Not Rated)
  • 20+ Player Traits
  • City or Distance
  • Gender
  • Player Type
  • Home Court
Schedule Matches
  • Connect with Individual over IM, or a Group with Broadcast
  • Confirm Match feature for tracking upcoming matches
Record Post Match Results
  • Endorse Player Traits
  • Enter Score
Favorite Partners
  • Mark favorite partners for recurring play
Find Nearby Tennis Courts
  • By City or Distance
  • View Court Facilities

Using the App

I am a first time user. What are the steps to take?

The first time you launch the app, you will be presented with a quick tour of the app. You can swipe through each screen, and then press “Get Started” button.

Step1 (Register)

  • In the login screen, press “Register”. Fill all the fields as this will maximize your chances for being approached for match play. You will receive an email to activate the service.
  • You can now start using the service with email and password you provided. TIP: You can click “remember me” button to enable auto-login.
  • You will be prompted with messages to receive notifications etc. Click “Yes” to receive instant notifications to your requests to match play or changes to match schedules.

Step2 (Find Partners)

  • Click on “New Partners” in home screen.
  • You will see a display of all partners at your skill level in 25 mile radius.
  • In the New Partners screen, you can do any of the following:-
    • You can click on filter to expand radius, or search for partners in another city, or search for partners at different skill level.
    • You can know more about player playing history, and traits by clicking on >.
    • You can scroll through the list, and mark all your favorite partners by clicking on .
    • Once you have identified partner to play, press “Schedule Match” and initiate an IM conversation. Once the logistics are sorted out, click on confirm match symbol , and enter the time/date/place.
    • Your confirmed matches are recorded in the calendar icon in home screen. Additionally matches get recorded in your default iCAL or Google CAL.
    • In a hurry to find partner now!
    • You can use the broadcast feature to send a request to play to a group (5 people max).
    • Click on symbol next to player, and then press “Broadcast button”.

Step3 (Traits and Match Results)

  • On match completion, please record the match scores and any of the 20+ traits you observed in your partner.
  • The match scores are private and only visible to you and to track your ongoing performance.
  • The player traits are visible to everyone. However the source on who endorsed traits are not made public.
How can I view and edit my profile?
  • You can access your profile information using button on navigation bar.
  • You can edit your profile, change password, ratings or any other profile information from time to time.
  • You can view your match summary, and detailed match record via Stats button
  • You can view your endorsed traits via Traits button
How do I get insights about my game, and how do I provide insights on others?
  • One of the unique features about this app is players or spectators can now vote/endorse traits they have observed in fellow players. We highly encourage you to use this app feature to give meaningful feedback on your fellow players. The traits are categorized into stroke skills, game style, competitiveness and physical fitness.
  • The process of recording traits on a fellow player is simple.
    • You can either go to “Traits and Match Results” in home screen, and click on “Record Results” for just completed match. You will be prompted to “Record Traits” and “Enter the Score
    • The other option is go to “New Partners” screen, and type the name of player. You can click on extended profile button >, and record traits.
  • You can view your own traits by going to profile section.
How do NTRP and UTR ratings relate to each other?

There are no official conversion charts published by the two rating organizations. Below is an approximate NTRP to UTR conversion table for a competitive match

Women NTRP (singles) Men NTRP (singles) Approximate UTR Range
for competitive match
2.5 2.0 4-4.5
3.0 2.5 5-6
3.5 3.0 6-7
4.0 3.5 7-8
4.5 4.0 8-9
5.0 4.5 9-10.5
6.0 5.0 10-12
  5.5 11-13
  6.0 12-14
How can I restrict an adult player (18+ years) contacting me?

If you’re a junior player (less than 18 years old), you can enable this from your Privacy Settings under “icon” screen. This option will not be available if you’re an adult player.

How can I restrict people to find me with home court information?

You can stop people discover you with home court information from your Privacy Settings under “icon” screen.

How can I see my scheduled matches in the default calendar on my iPhone?

All your scheduled matches will be added to your default calendar on your iPhone. Allow access to your calendar when the app ask for permission.

I have a son/daughter under 13 years old. Can I use the app to find a partner for them?

Yes, you can use the app to find partner for them. For under 13 players, parents need to represent their kids (Parent name and age needs to be filled in profile). Under the UTR section, you can put son/daughters UTR level. This way you will find players matching their skill level. In the player bio section, you can add the following comment "Tennis Parent. Looking for partner for my son/daughter".

I can’t find the information I am looking for, or I want to provide feedback

Click “Contact Us” in home screen. We will do our best to respond to you quickly.


I get an error “server not accessible/busy”

This typically happens when your device has no cellular or wi-fi connectivity, and sometimes in areas with poor cell or wifi connectivity. If this is not the case, and you are still experiencing this issue, please click “Contact Us” or send us email at

Tennis360 App shows improper badge count on iOS 6 device

iOS 6 devices has issues with with the recent changes with push notifications from Apple. It works well with iOS 7 or above. We recommend to update your device to the latest version of iOS.

I have registered, but haven't received the activation email

Normally you should receive the activation email in 10-15 mins. Please check Promotion/Spam folders as well. Please contact us at if you are still experiencing issues.